raffaelegrande.com (New Online Portfolio)

Jan.06, 2015, under Latest Works

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce that I finally managed to move my portfolio to my new address:


This old one (brokenbones.it) is slowly going to turn into a blog where I will share a bit of everything I do, not only 3D related but also traditional art such as model making, toys modding etc.

I hope you will enjoy the new portfolio style.




Gravity On – 3D Concept

Nov.22, 2015, under Latest Works

This is a 3D concept I created in my spare time. My idea was to see how efficient I could be concepting straight away in 3D, taking the most from the PBR workflow. It took me three days using 3dsmax and vray. Render time 1 hour on i7 with 32gb of ram. There are no lights in the scene, just self illuminated materials. I am planning of writing a tutorial of how I created some effects in the scene. Stay tuned!

I hope you like it!

Gravity On - 3D Concept


Spider Tank WIP – Realtime (Concept by Fausto De Martini)

Nov.19, 2015, under Latest Works

Hi there,

before you start reading, I’d like to thank Fausto De Martini, who created the concept of this Mecha and was very kind to allow me to use his concept for my personal studies. He is one of my favourite Concept Artists and if you didn’t before, I truely raccomend you to have a look at his amazing stuff.
A while ago I came across a couple of images of this concept on the internet and I thought they were enough for me to model it.
The Idea was to develope a realtime asset, using the most recent techniques such as PBR, Substance etc.
It was for me, and still is, the perfect model where to experiment with all new tools available.
In this particular case, I have started with 3dsmax, Zbrush and Quixel Suite, then I moved forward to Substance, Marmoset and Unreal, where I’ll bring this Mecha to life, in VR.

I hope you are liking it so far and please stay tuned for further updates!

Technical info: Triangles Count – 35184 / Texture Sets – 6x4k

Spider Tank - Realtime (Concept by Fausto De Martini)


Realtime Rifle – wip

Jan.06, 2015, under Latest Works

Hi everyone,

I just started another personal project. I am concepting a rifle to be later on modelled in 3D for a realtime purpose.
I hope you will like it!

This is what I have done so far:

Realtime Rifle - Concept V.1

Realtime Rifle - Concept

Realtime Rifle - Zbrush


John Locke – vray skin test

Jul.01, 2014, under Latest Works

Testing out vray skin shader: