Professional Works

IAM PLAYR – WEB and Mobile

2001 – 2010
Diabolik - The Original Sin - DSDiabolik – The Original Sin – DS (Porting from PC)
Sinnes Trainer - DSSinnes Trainer – DS (Aural/Optical Training game by Ravensburger)
Subbuteo - DSSubbuteo – DS (Based on a classic board game)
Hotwheel Ultimate Racing - PSPHotwheels Ultimate Racing – PSP (Racing game based on Mattel inc. license)
Big Mutha Trucker - DSBig Mutha Truckers – DS (for Nintendo DS)
Big Mutha Trucker - GBABig Mutha Truckers – GBA (for Game Boy Advance)
Street Racing Syndicate - GBAStreet Racing Syndicate – GBA (Porting from PS2)
Smashing Drive - GBASmashing Drive – GBA (Porting from Game Cube)
Spiderman 2 - GBASpiderman 2 – GBA (Based on movie)
Ozzy and Drix - GBAOzzy&Drix – GBA (Based on Warner Bros license)
Wing Commander Prophecy - GBAWing Commander Prophecy – GBA (Based on best seller PC game)
R-Type III - GBAR-Type III – GBA (2D shoot’em up)
WingsWings – GBA (This is a porting from Amiga to GBA)
Superman - Countdown to Apokolips - GBA Superman – Countdown to Apokolips – GBA (This is my first worked project)